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Please enjoy these daily puzzles!

These puzzles are a sample of what you can receive at Core Access. See more information at the bottom of this page.

Puzzle for October 25, 2014: Connections


Connect all of the pipes!

Puzzle for October 24, 2014: Dozo Max



Fill the board, but avoid the target shape!

Puzzle for October 23, 2014: Substring


Find words that share some letters

Puzzle for October 22, 2014: DigitHunt



The game that is sweeping the world! Find the pattern and fill the number grid.

Puzzle for October 21, 2014: Substring


Find words that share some letters

Puzzle for October 20, 2014: Latin Squares


Use geometrical clues to place numbers


Core Access

Core Concepts is proud to announce Core Access! With Core Access you get both our electronic Puzzle Magazine and Core Games Live:

  • The Puzzle Magazine is a program you download to your computer. Each week you download a new issue filled with 50 of your favorite puzzles. You can select your favorite types of puzzles; when the Puzzle Magazine downloads the next issue, it will have the puzzles you like! The Puzzle Magazine requires Windows computers.
  • Core Games Live is a member area on our website where you get 8 online puzzles to play each day. The puzzles stay online for three months, so you can play them and replay them to suit your convenience. Core Games Live requires a java-enabled web browser (if you can play these Daily Puzzle games, you can play Core Games Live).

If you subscribe to Core Access, you receive both the Puzzle Magazine and Core Games Live. Alternatively, you can subscribe just to Core Games Live, for a reduced price.

If you like our Daily Puzzle Page you will love Core Access. With a large variety of puzzle types, you will truly get great value for your money.

Click here for more information about Core Access.

Click here to download the demo version of the Puzzle Magazine.

Puzzle Magazine


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